To My Candidates: Thank You

When talking with candidates, it is unbelievable how often I hear “I am just not happy” for a multitude of reasons. Many of which I can relate too personally.

My boss, the hours, the benefits, no appreciation, toxic environment and so many more.

My answer to this statement is ALWAYS… YOU DON’T NEED TO BE UNHAPPY!

You do not need to sacrifice yourself and who you are for your job. You deserve to find a career you love with a company who appreciates you and supports the entire you, not just what you offer professionally to them.

Family, hobbies, and friends.

I am so #thankful to be #blessed and #honored with the opportunity to help others change their lives.  It makes my heart so happy, when I hear, thank you, Carrie. Thank you for listening, understanding & helping.

I get to go to bed each night, knowing & hearing that. Pretty cool, huh?    

So to my candidates, with whom I have worked with and to whom, I will work with…. thank you! Thank you for trusting me with the responsibility to help you with your career. It is my great honor. 

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To My Candidates: Thank You